"Meeting Options" not working for "Teams Free" account

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I have created a new "Teams Free" account (not Teams Personal") to check again.

I can schedule a new Teams meeting, but I cannot access "Meeting Options",

always getting "Something went wrong" error page.

This is critical, because without being able to setup meeting options,

people I invite can join the meeting immediately, before meeting even starts as scheduled,

and without any "waiting room" - for me to accept them to my meeting.

This is a huge security and privacy risk.

Spent more than 3 hours in chat with Teams support, just to confirm this is a problem.

And then was suggested to "send feedback to the developers", so that's what I am doing now.

(support case numbers: 1019929315 and 1020294310).

Please let me know when this can get fixed and how does bug fix process work here.


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