"Manifest parsing has failed." in Developer Portal

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I am using the Developer Portal app in Teams.

I got "Manifest parsing has failed." error when click "Preview in Teams" button.


Also I got "App does not have the required permissions for this operation." error after click "x" button.


I have no validation error in the manifest file.

How can I fix it?

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@karamem0 -Could you please try it once with Teams Admin Center or Developer Portal  on Web?

Teams Admin Center and Developer Potal are works fine. I have problem with Developer Potal App (Microsoft Teams App).

@karamem0-Could you please tried it once with desktop Microsoft Teams App. Because it seems like the issue with web browser(Microsoft Teams App).
Could you just confirm once It's working with Desktop Microsoft Teams App or Not?


I can't find any app if using Desktop Microsoft Teams App.

2022-03-07 (2).png

I can find apps if using web browser.


(I'm sorry for screenshots in Japanese)

I logined same user, but the result is different.

@karamem0-On Desktop teams client. You can import your App then check if the getting the same manifest error or not?


I imported the manifest file and I clicked "Preview in Teams". The error is resolved but nothing happen. I think the install dialog will be shown after clicked "Preview in Teams".

2022-03-07 (3).png

Also I found the difference.

  • The Developer Portal app in Teams web browser and Teams Developer Portal refers same repogitory.
  • The Developer Portal app in Teams desktop app refers "App Studio" repository.

I think "App Studio" is currently deprecated and it doesn't support the latest manifest version. But The Developer Portal app uses latest manifest version. Is it the reason that causes error?

@karamem0 -Yes. Could you decrease the manifest version(1.1 or 1.4) and check it once?
I decreased the manifest version to 1.4 and uploaded but automatically increased to 1.11.
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@karamem0-We are able to repro that issue , We have raised bug for the same and concerned team is looking into it. We will inform you once we get any update.

Facing same issue as described in this thread.
Both in European demo tenant and in U.S. customer tenant.

App Studio app in Teams (browser) works fine as workaround if it exists...
(App Studio still exists in European demo tenant but NOT in U.S. customer tenant)

Please update here once bug is resolved. Following this closely.

@Sayali-MSFT  Any further update on resolution of this bug? Thanks.

@Sayali-MSFT - Following this very closely as well. Any updates?

@m36five @Erik Olsson- Sorry for the delay. Engineering team working on this issue. Currently we don’t have ETA or Update on this thread.
We will update this thread once the bug is fixed.

Got from internal team -Looks like it's a permission issue. Could you please check if sideloading is enabled in Teams Admin center for the tenant?

@Sayali-MSFT hi, I had enable all the permissions


and this user is global admin and application administrator and application developer




Same for me. All permissions enabled and Global Admin.
ok.We will provide the information to internal team. We will inform you once we get any update.

Same for me as well, regarding permissions. And this isn't a new app - it's one already side-loaded that we're trying to update. Thanks, @Sayali-MSFT !

@Sayali-MSFT - It's been a month since the last post so thought I'd post again to see if any progress has been made. I'm still unable to deploy an update to the app we have sideloaded for all of our users. I notice that the error message now contains a hyperlink that says, "Copy error details to clipboard." When I do so, here's the result:


Error while reading manifest.json: "manifestVersion" is required


Here's the error window, now with the hyperlink:



This is happening in after I click the "Preview in Teams" button.