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We have a requirement to develop a MS Teams Custom Bot and currently it's possible to host a MS Teams Custom Bot on any platform as long as the endpoint is open to be accessible over Internet, however, we wanted to check if it's possible to register MS Teams Custom Bot elsewhere other than the default Azure bot channel?



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You'll need to complete the following steps to create a conversational bot:

Prepare your development environment.
Create your web service.
Register your web service as a bot with Microsoft Bot Framework.
Create your app manifest and your app package.
Upload your package to Microsoft Teams.
Creating your web service, registering your web service, and creating your app package, with the Bot Framework can be done in any order; however, because the three pieces are so intertwined, no matter in which order you do them, you'll need to return to update the others. Your registration needs the messaging endpoint from your deployed web service and your web service needs the ID and password created from your registration. Your app manifest also needs the registration ID to connect Teams to your web service.

As you're building your bot, you'll regularly move between changing your app manifest and deploying code to your web service. When working with the app manifest, keep in mind you can either manually manipulate the JSON file, or make changes through App Studio. Either way, you'll need to re-deploy (upload) your app in Teams when you make a change to the manifest; however, there's no need to do so when you deploy changes to your web service.

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Thanks for your swift response. 

We are able to register our web service as a bot with Microsoft Bot Framework / Azure Bot service but wanted to check if we can register our web service in other alternative platforms apart from Microsoft Bot Framework (https://dev.botframework.com) / Azure Bot Service (https://portal.azure.com -> Azure Bot Service)?



@Swaminathan Sriram , Could you please look at MS Teams bot register without Azure subscription?

You can add multiple channel in bot, you can got to dev.botframework.com/new and register a new bot.

It also support different channel like webchat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cortana.