QnA Maker [active learning feature]

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can someone explain to me on which criteria  active learning decide to add the user query as suggestion to the kb.

i have seen this from MS doc but i'm a little bit confused. 


Active learning gives the best possible suggestions in cases where the endpoints are getting a reasonable quantity and variety of usage queries. When 5 or more similar queries are clustered, every 30 minutes, QnA Maker suggests the user-based questions to the knowledge base designer to accept or reject. All the suggestions are clustered together by similarity and top suggestions for alternate questions are displayed based on the frequency of the particular queries by end users.``` link 




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Hi @ShereenFathy, could you please try this sample.

@ShereenFathy, Please let us know does that help clarify.

I was already using this sample but I was confused about how the service works but I found thread on your git repository discuss this topic and understand the idea .. thank you