Put Hand Down Shortcut

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My students have been using the Raise Hand feature in all my classes since it came out last Friday. I feel there is a real need for a Put Hand Down Keyboard Shortcut because:


  • Students use Raise Hand to answer, but don't put it down again if they're not chosen (especially if they're on a laptop.)
  • Students are then chosen to answer the next question (because their hand's up), which they're not prepared for.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are an essential alternative to using a mouse for users with mobility issues.

Keyboard Shortcuts would be great...something like:


  •  CTRL + SHIFT +U for Raise Hand 
  •  CTRL + SHIFT +D for Put Hand Down

Maybe if we vote for a Raise Hand Keyboard Shortcut, we'll get a Put Down Shortcut too?! 


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@SelenaCaamano , Yes, For any feature request you should raise it in UserVoice portal or vote an existing one.

@SelenaCaamanoI would like to at least see all "All Hands Down" option, just like the  mute all option. I teach second grade and when I call on students they are constantly telling me their hand was up from the previous question. It would be great to "clear out" all the hands that were up from one discussion to start fresh in a new one. Then I would know who really intended to participate or answer a question before I called on them. Seems like such a small thing but it would make my day so much easier. 

Totally agree with you!
All I've heard so far is that Ctrl + Shift + K is the raise hand shortcut as of Version