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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this.


App published last week was not distributed to all Tenant users, the application icon is not viewed by any users.

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Have you verified that it’s distributed to all users in the policy? If it’s going to be pinned in the app rail the setup policy must be configured too

Hello @adam deltinger 


Thank you for your reply.


This is our Global App Permissions settings, the second custom App (Link de Noticias RFB) is the one we're having problems:




This is our global App Setup Policy:





For most users it was installed, but not all of the active users.
We need a list of those who didn't install correctly, and why.


The app was published for mostly all users, only the icon is not appearing, and the app's name is not up to date, the name that appears for the users is from a previous version of the app.
Is it possible to force the users' Team App to update it's cache?