Processing replies to a thread and forward them to an external application

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I'd like to implement a solution in Teams and would appreciate some input on what's the best way to use. The use case looks like this:


1) A web server hosts a forum. A user of that forum starts a new thread in that forum by creating a post.

2) The web server forwards the content of the initial post that started the thread to Teams where an application (a bot or webhook etc.) uses that data to start a thread in a certain Teams channel.

3) Users in that channel can then reply to that thread and their replies are forwarded to the web server where they are posted as replies to the thread in the forum.

4) When a user replies in the forum of the web server, then that reply is send to the Teams application and posted as a reply in that Teams channel thread.


So far it seems that the challenging part of that use case is that the Teams application (be it a bot or a webhook) needs to be able to parse a reply to the thread that it created. Several documentations mention this: "Bots in channel and group chat conversations require the user to @mention the bot to invoke it in a channel." Does that mean that, even when replying to a thread that the bot started, every user still has to @mention the bot so that the reply gets processed by the bot?

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Hi Miro_Goepel - Whenever we want to reply or send a message to the bot in Teams channel, we need to use @mention to send our response to bot. But it doesn't require in personal chat.

Dear @Dinesh-MSFT


thanks for your reply. Did I understand you correctly that there is no way to have the content of a reply parsed by the bot if the reply was done by a user without mentioning the bot, even if the reply was made to a post by that bot?


By "reply" I'm referring to a reply in a thread in the context of a channel.


Hi @Miro_GoepelYou can use resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions, using which conversation owners can consent for a bot to receive all user messages in standard channels and chats without being @mentioned.
Please refer below documentation and sample:
Doc reference: