Proactively messaging a users in a team

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Hi, I am building a bot that can be installed into both the Team and Personal scope (RSC permissions). Once installed to a team, the bot needs to be able to message members of that team without first needing each member to install the bot themselves. I have successfully sent a message from the bot to myself (as the installer of the app), however, when I try and send a message to another member of the team I get the following error "Bot is not installed in user's personal scope". 


I am using the `CloudAdapter` class and the `createConversationAsync` method

from the botbuilder sdk (node/javascript)


Can anyone help? I've been going around in circles for weeks trying to figure it out

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Hi @richturnbull - Could you please refer this sample once - The above sample sends messages to all the members of team but this does not use RSC permissions.

@Dinesh-MSFT Are you saying it's not possible with RSC? I'm just struggling to believe that a MS Teams app is that restrictive.. If it's not using RSC permissions then I'm assuming you are using Admin Consent?


Also do you have any examples in javascript? We're struggling to decipher the C# example. Thanks