Post adaptive card and wait for a response - from a user and not from a flow bot


Is it possible to Post adaptive card and wait for a response, in a group chat and post it as a user?

Im using power automate and there is no option that the post will be from the user.
Can I do it with http? or another way?

when I use post adaptive card from the user, its not getting the response.
So what I need is way to get response after a member submits a replay.



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@dabahar3688 - Thanks for raising your issue. We will check this at our end and will update you accordingly.

@dabahar3688 - While Power Automate allows you to post an adaptive card to a Teams channel/group chat and wait for a response, it does so as the Flow bot, not as a user. This is a limitation of Power Automate, as it doesn't support posting as a specific user.

To achieve your requirements, we recommend you give your feedback in Teams Feedback Portal.




Prasad Das


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