Pop out sideloaded app takes long time to load

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I have a sideloaded app that load pretty quick (less than 2 seconds) in new Teams.

But when i chose to pop out, open in new window, it takes 20-30 seconds to load the same app.

This works very quick in classic Teams.


If i switch to the about tab and then pop it out and then back to my app tab it loads quickly.


What happens when you pop out the app?

What is taking such a long time?

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@ChristopherEdling - When the app is popped out, it goes through the initialization process again. This process involves loading dependencies, fetching data, and setting up the app's UI. If the app's initialization process is complex or time-consuming, it can contribute to the delay. 


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Prasad Das

Thanks for your reply.

The app (that I have developed) loads quick when opened in Teams or if i open the about tab and the pops out and switches back to the app tab in the popped out window.
So this must be some problem with Teams.

I will reach out to the other forums and see if I can get an answer there.
I created a new minimal manifest file that loads another simple website and I still get the same behavior with very long loading times.
I still have not solved this. Can I get any help on this?