Pinning personal apps via policy for every user

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I get reports from customers who setup policies to pin our app to the left sidebar of their users and install it to everyone, but for whom it does not work consistently.


I tried it myself and pinned some apps (Praise is among them) in my "Global (Org-wide default)" setup policy. Turns out, that for some test users in my development account this change takes effect but for others it doesn't work at all. No pinned app appears. Even not after waiting 24h and a relogin.


So pinning is very random/spotty. This is troublesome as our clients normally want to roll out the app to everyone. 

I am sorry, that I can not be more precise. I have not figured out why it is broken for some users. I can just offer to help debug with a "broken user" at hand.



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Hello @jocsch - Are you facing this issue in New Teams client or older Teams?
Hope you have followed this documentation:
For the one user where it doesn't work in both. He has a custom policy assigned. The others are on the global policy. Does this make a difference? Of course I have pinned the app on both policies.
I have followed the documentation.