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Hi everyone,


Those are theoretical questions, I just need hints.


I am planning to create a teams personal app for an association (Visual Studio / React)

This app may afterwards be provided for free to other organizations.


For that app, I need a database.

It could be a sharepoint list or a dataverse, but first I need some sort of an initialization.

  1. How that initialization can be done ?
    I have read nothing on that topic.
  2. How to have access to those global configuration parameters where the link to that list / dataverse is saved ?


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Hi @gmeunier For initialization of database as Dataverse / SharePoint, Please follow below document. 

and could you please explain a bit more for second query of yours?


Hi@Keshav-MSFT, thank you for your reply.

As said, I am willing to use a personal app built with React.

The idea is not to use PowerApp for 2 main reasons :

  1. The canvas is not reactive (to be used both on PC and smartphone);
  2. Licensing ! I will have from 100 to 300 users, we can't afford providing a licence to all of them.

So that is what I am interested in
But it seems to me that no database can be initiated by the App itself.

Hi@gmeunier please follow the below sample link help to create SharePoint list.

Hello @gmeunier - Can you please confirm whether your issue has resolved with above shared link ?

Hello @gmeunier - Please confirm whether your issue has resolved or still looking for any help?



Sorry for the late reply.

So my understanding is that to acheive this, the best is to create a sharepoint application with Teams capacities (as with the example shown in your above reply) and not a Teams application.


Many thanks,