Permissions needed. Ask your IT admin

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Hi, I'm trying to experiment with creating a Teams App but my first experiment fails, even though I seem to have followed all instructions. When I try to debug the App using Visual Studio Code and launch the app, the dialog says 'Permissions needed. Ask your IT admin to add this app'. But according to the docs this should work if you have the 'Upload a custom app' option, which I have (as you can slightly see in the screenshot, under the dialog). So what am I doing wrong?




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@meerlol : Hi, Are you doing this on organization account? If yes, then chances are that side loading of apps is blocked. In this case, admin needs to side-load the app and make it available company-wide (or it can be restricted based on policies at or you can also refer "note section" at this link.

@Manish-MSFT : Hi, thanks for your reply. I don't know what happened, I haven't changed a single setting, but somehow it got enabled the next day.

I have the same issue. I assume that the 'Upload a custom app" policy might take more than 10 hours to get applied. So, patience is key.

@Denis Molodtsov I am facing the same problem, more over there is no member in my team/group so who will give me the permission