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Hi all. We are developing a teams application. We open a site belongs to us with an iframe in tabs, but it is not easy to manage the data here.
I would like to receive feedback from transactions made within the site. For example, accessing request information such as the token returned for the user trying to login to the site.
What is the most correct way to do this?

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Do you want to show the transactions feedback's in your Teams tab or please share more details on it?
I mean, I want to use the returned token when you login to via teams in an iframe. here is a token example. I should be able to use anything that returns a response.

@bementese - Could you please share details of following questions.
1. Are you using Teams tab sso authentication or your custom authentication?
2. Are you using any custom authentication in your app and these authentication popup is coming  in your application?

Iframe block the third party custom authentication. You have to use tab sso authentication.
Ref Doc: Single sign-on support for tabs - Teams | Microsoft Docs

@bementese - Could you please confirm if the above suggestion helped you in any way?