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Hi, I'm developing a third-party app using the graph API. This app needs to subscribe online meeting and get change notification. Now the the online meeting resource is only available in beta API. Will it be added in v1.0 one day? 

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@ChenguangHe - 
onlineMeeting resource type seems to be available in v1.0
onlineMeeting resource type - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs


Prasad Das


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I checked the page of change notification of V1.0
online meeting resource is not included.

@ChenguangHe - Yes, onlineMeeting is in beta
However, you can subscribe to Outlook event resource to get changes to all events in a user's mailbox:

@Prasad_Das-MSFTHi, we just need to get online meeting event such as meeting start/end or participant join/leave.

You means the online meeting is still in beta right? Will developer team plan to add this resource in v1.0? 

@ChenguangHe - Yes its still in beta and there is no such ETA to share when it's going to be in v1.0