onInstallationUpdate, onInstallationUpdateAdd and onInstallationUpdateRemove event handlers




I'd like to know how the following methods are triggered:

onInstallationUpdate, onInstallationUpdateAdd, onInstallationUpdateRemove

We updated our botbuilder-core package to 4.11.0.  In our DialogBot class that extends ActivityHandler, we have added the following





All the event handlers do today is just to log that the event was triggered.  For example


console.log("__onInstallationUpdateRemove triggered");


I am assuming these events are triggered when a user installs or removes the app from his Teams instance.  However, when I tried to install or uninstall my bot from my Teams, nothing happens.  There are no "triggered" log statements.


Does anyone know how these events get triggered?  What is their purpose?


Thank You

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Did you ever receive an answer on this or find out what you needed?

Best, Chris