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couple days ago, I started facing an issue when I send OAuthPrompt card it's not shown up in the Teams conversations. It works fine when I use it in "Test in Web Chat" but not in real Teams app. Instead, I see error in browser console:
> getAuthToken: webApplicationInfo resource format does not contain botid {botIdValue}

Can you point me to the possible reason of the error?



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@Andrew Grebennikov-We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.
Please let me know if you need any additional details.

@Andrew Grebennikov -We are not able to repro the scenario,we are check this in teams it will show OAuth card in teams.
We are referring the below code-BotBuilder-Samples/Cards.cs at main · microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples (github.com)
Could you please share the repro steps/manifest, so that we can try it from our end?

@Sayali-MSFT I attached manifest I'm using for testing. Before bot was using regular http responses so it was easy to find out possible reason of the issue. Where can I check what response was sent by the bot now? How can I debug that?

@Andrew Grebennikov - Could you please share the BotId and Timestamp so that we can investigate from our end?

@Andrew Grebennikov -If you are building a standalone bot, enter the Application ID URI as api://botid-{YourBotId}. Here YourBotId is your Azure AD application ID.
Please check Azure Portal ->App Registration->Expose an API section bot id is same or not.
Please have look into this doc-Single sign-on support for bots - Teams | Microsoft Docs




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@Sayali-MSFT, sorry, maybe I explained it incorrectly, I'm talking about Teams bot chat. When user type in "Signin" command, bot supposed to send OAuth prompt card. Through the debugging I see that it handled correctly, and card seems to be sent, but nothing appears in chat window, the only thing I see is the error I shared above.
Regarding your question - Application id is 7205e580-78af-4a0d-b7a8-af8399a31cf1 and it's the same in Azure Bot Configuration section, App registration for the bot and in the manifest I shared.

@Sayali-MSFT do you have any updates on that? 

@Sayali-MSFT sorry for the delay. The link you shared is related to the way how SSO for the bot should be setup. My problem is that OAuth prompt card is not rendered at all in real chat (Teams web app or standalone app) but works fine using "Test in Web Chat" emulation. The question is how can I debug that? The only thing I see is an error "webApplicationInfo resource format does not contain botid" and it doesn't make much sense for me.