Oauth login in MS Teams 3rd party app is showing white login screen for some users on desktop

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Hi, we have occasional reports from our users complaining that they cannot log into our tab application using MS OAuth. This happens very infrequently, and ONLY on the Teams desktop client - Teams web client login always works fine. The symptoms of it seem to be similar to https://techswift.org/2020/05/04/how-to-fix-a-blank-login-screen-in-microsoft-teams/, however this specifically is the login button inside the tab of our own Teams app, not the Teams application itself.

We have actually been able to reproduce this on one of our own internal company users, although we are not sure how the user got into that state. This is a screenshot of the login experience (the login popup stays blank):

image (10).png

The code we use to start the authentication flow is the recommended one:


The package versions we are using for MicrosoftTeams and ADAL are at least up to date to the ones used in the sample code from Microsoft: https://github.com/OfficeDev/Microsoft-Teams-Samples/blob/main/samples/tab-sso/nodejs/src/client/vie... , so I believe that is not the issue either. (I am aware that ADAL has not been supported for a while, but it seems like Microsoft samples continue to use it for tab authentication).

- 1-2% of users are not able to log into our Tab application using the above code, and are stuck with a white screen, on Teams desktop client only
- 100% of users, including affected ones, are able to log into our Tab application on Teams web client correctly



We are trying to focus on resolving this issue for our users, is there any recommended direction we can take or at least information we can provide to our users experiencing this?

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@Karma_bot thanks for letting me know. We also continue to experience it with similar frequency of customer requests. 

@ChetanSharma-msft for your knowledge, recently a change was made so our "Pop out tab" workaround no longer works. Potentially this is part of figuring out how to debug and fix the issue; however, now we have no workaround for our users who run into this. 


Is there anything else we can do?

@andrew1992 - We are checking the status of the bug with engineering team. We will inform you once we have any update. Thanks!

@Prasad_Das-MSFT I have a note to reach out. For many of our accounts that were experiencing this, the issue has been resolved (including my own that we were testing this issue out on).


We did receive 1 mention of this lately; however, it seems that there has been a big improvement. Thank you!