Oauth login in MS Teams 3rd party app is showing white login screen for some users on desktop

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Hi, we have occasional reports from our users complaining that they cannot log into our tab application using MS OAuth. This happens very infrequently, and ONLY on the Teams desktop client - Teams web client login always works fine. The symptoms of it seem to be similar to https://techswift.org/2020/05/04/how-to-fix-a-blank-login-screen-in-microsoft-teams/, however this specifically is the login button inside the tab of our own Teams app, not the Teams application itself.

We have actually been able to reproduce this on one of our own internal company users, although we are not sure how the user got into that state. This is a screenshot of the login experience (the login popup stays blank):

image (10).png

The code we use to start the authentication flow is the recommended one:


The package versions we are using for MicrosoftTeams and ADAL are at least up to date to the ones used in the sample code from Microsoft: https://github.com/OfficeDev/Microsoft-Teams-Samples/blob/main/samples/tab-sso/nodejs/src/client/vie... , so I believe that is not the issue either. (I am aware that ADAL has not been supported for a while, but it seems like Microsoft samples continue to use it for tab authentication).

- 1-2% of users are not able to log into our Tab application using the above code, and are stuck with a white screen, on Teams desktop client only
- 100% of users, including affected ones, are able to log into our Tab application on Teams web client correctly



We are trying to focus on resolving this issue for our users, is there any recommended direction we can take or at least information we can provide to our users experiencing this?

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We will check on it from our end and let you know.

@ChetanSharma-msft Great, thank you.


And to chime in on how we're able to currently workaround the issue:

  • In desktop Teams client: 
    • Navigate to Tab App > Click Pop out tab
    • Login via Pop out tab works as intended 
    • If I navigate back to the regular tab and click Reload Tab - I am now logged in
    • Note: If I sign out on the pop-out tab or regular tab, the white screen reappears

@andrew1992 - We tried to repro the issue at our end and we are able to get Sign In prompt and were able to Sign in properly. However we are checking this with Engineering team to find out if there is any alternative.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT Thanks for looking into this. I have provided a video of the bug, as well as the workaround that can be done to get past this, that you can pass along to the engineering team if it helps.


0-12s: Cant log in using the tab application, white login screen
12-24s: Using "Pop out tab", and opening up tab that way, user is able to log in
24-37s: Login token from OAuth is shared with the non popped out tab, and reload there work to log you into the authenticated session
37s+: Log out in popped out tab, clearning login OAuth. User is now logged out of both popped out and regular tab. Logging in through regular tab continues to show white screen

If we can help in any other way, feel free to have the engineering team reach out to me, using my email, if I can help work through this with them

@alexkovalev - Thanks for the details. FYI There is already bug raised for this type issue and engineering team is looking into it. We will inform you once we have any update. Thanks!

Thank you @Prasad_Das-MSFT for the information

Is it possible to be added to a notification list or be notified here once it is resolved? (so we can notify our users :) )
Not sure how to add to notification list. But we will notify/update you once we get any information from engineering team. Thanks!

Is there any update on this bug? We are experiencing exact same issue!

@AftabShaikh - Engineering team is working on the issue. We will update you once it gets fully rolled out publicly

@Prasad_Das-MSFT thanks for providing that information above. Are you able to provide any additional guidance? We continue to have users experiencing this issue and it's tough to provide a workaround if their default use case of Teams is on desktop.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT hope you're well. Can we please get an update regarding the white login screen issue? It has been ~6 months and users are still unable to access through the MSFT Teams desktop application. Thank you

@andrew1992 - The fix was in internal ring. We are checking the status with engineering team if the fix has been rolled out publicly or not. We will inform once we get further update. Thanks!

@Prasad_Das-MSFT - thanks for letting us know. We have had multiple users lately who continue to experience the issue, which is impacting their Teams experience. Is there anyone on the engineering side we can contact? Or if you could please provide more detailed timeframes, please and thank you.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT@andrew1992, our product is affected as well. Hundreds of users, if not thousands, have been impacted in the last year. Any ETA on that fix in the production environment? 

@Karma_bot - We got update from engineering team that it is fixed and rolled out publicly. Please update your MS Teams version and check if it helps. Thanks!

@Karma_bot did this work for you?

@Prasad_Das-MSFT On our side, I am still receiving the white login screen and completed the following:

MSFT Desktop Testing:
- updated Teams version
- cleared app data C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams
- uninstalled / reinstalled Teams
- uninstalled / reinstalled application receiving white screen
- tried developer preview

If I click "Pop out tab" and login, it still works. However regular happy path flow does not
Hello @Karma_bot, @andrew1992 - We are not able to repro this issue.
Can you please try updating your Teams Desktop client once again and please confirm if you still face this issue?
@ChetanSharma-msft unfortunately the issue still persists.

My Teams desktop version: "You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 2022-08-18."

Happy to set up a call to help debug.

On Teams desktop, if I click Pop Out Tab -> the login still works. And if I refresh the tab afterwards, it then appears as it should within the frame.

@andrew1992 @ChetanSharma-msft Issue persists, affects a lot of clients and wasn't resolved. It has been ongoing for at least two years now and affects thousands of users, and I cant understand why Microsoft cant fix it.  We have clients email us every week with this issue and I can't help them.