Not able to create a bot in developer portal

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New to Teams development and get started by building the first Teams app according to

When creating a new bot according to, I find that clicking create a new bot in Developer portal does not navigate to a new page but a blank page.

Could anyone tell me why and how to resolve this? Thanks

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We tried to repro the issue ,but at our end everything works as expected. Attaching screenshot below:


Please try to update Microsoft Teams client version and check if it works.


Prasad Das


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I also am facing the same issue.  In your screenshot, it just shows the app.  Following the tutorial, if I were to click on the app, go to App features, Click on Bot and then Create a new bot, I end up with a blank screen.



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I figured out what page it should be opening.  Instead of clicking on "Create a new bot", if you go to Tools > Bot management, you should be able to continue with the steps in the tutorial.




Thanks kayoung, this works for me
My Teams client version is (64-bit), which is up to date.