Not able to add SharePoint site as Personal tab App

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I am trying to showcase one of my SharePoint site's home page as Teams app - Personal Tab but it's not allowing to submit/publish the app. 


I've tried both ways for Content URL:{SiteName}/SitePages/Home.aspx{SiteName}/SitePages/Ho...


Scope: Personal




Both ways it's not working. What else i'am missing. 


The strange thing is it was working in another domain where I've tried adding Intranet Home page as Teams app.


Appreciate your help here guys. Thank you.




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@CKSanghavi - To create a personal tab in Teams that showcases your SharePoint site's home page, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Upload and deploy your Teams app package to your SharePoint App Catalog. You can access the SharePoint App Catalog by visiting For example, Make sure to enable the option "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" when prompted.

  2. In your SharePoint site, create a new page by selecting the gear button at the upper right and then selecting "Add a page". Name the page as "My Teams Tab".

  3. Open the web part toolbox by selecting the + button, and search for your Teams Tab named "Contoso HR". Select it to add the web part to the page.

  4. Edit the page as needed and select the "Publish" button when finished.

  5. Optionally, you can add the page to the navigation bar by selecting "Add page to navigation".

After following these steps, your SharePoint site's home page should be showcased as a personal tab in Teams.

You can also refer this documentation: Build Microsoft Teams tab using SharePoint Framework - Tutorial | Microsoft Learn




Prasad Das


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Hi @Prasad_Das-MSFT , I've tried but it's still not working. Can we connect on MS Teams to see if you are available for few min. I am on tight deadline and not able to setup SharePoint site as Teams App tab. Attaching Teams Package for your reference. Thanks.

@CKSanghavi - Is there any specific error message you are getting while deploying the package?

Failed to submit the app. That's the only error coming.

@CKSanghavi - While doing app validation also the manifest file looks correct only. Are there any console log you are getting? Without error logs it is quite difficult to figure out the issue.



Attaching is the validation results message while we validate app package. 




@CKSanghavi - The app validation also gets passed successfully. Are there any console log you are getting? Without error logs it is quite difficult to figure out the issue.