Newbie: Integration with 3rd party UC systems?

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  Is it possible to integrate MS Teams with 3rd party UC systems for calling? Specifically, is it possible to make a call, while inside a Teams client, using a 3rd party UC system a customer is already using and still show the call status, call controls and others still inside a Teams client?


Or the only way to do it is to build Teams App to add a tab inside a Teams client and have those 3rd party UC call control totally isolated that way? If so, can such a tab be made always visible inside a Teams client?


Apparently a call control Teams bot can't integrate with 3rd party UC systems? Is it accurate? If so, is it something that is in the Teams roadmap?


Thanks in advance for any and all guidance and suggestions 

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@NKM12220 This feature is not supported with Teams. You can not initiate the call from 3rd party calling system to teams. 

Thanks for the response. So, it looks like it is not possible to either initiate a call using a 3rd party UC system from Teams or update status of a a 3rd party call(initiated from outside teams) inside Teams UI. If so, as also asked, is that something in the roadmap?

Is then building a custom tab recommended way to build such an integration that then independently handles 3rd party call control and shows call status?

Thanks again and regards

@NKM122205 We currently do not have any plans to support this. Thanks!!