Newbie: Bot Framework V4 Node SDK for MS Teams?

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   Can the MS Bot Framework V4 Node SDK be used to build MS Teams Bot and still work in MS Teams channels? Or should MS Teams node SDK be used instead and, if so, does it *already use* MS Bot Framework V4 Node SDK inside??


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@NKM122205 Please take a look at V4 sample for node js Botbuilder-Samples-JavaScript-Nodejs.

@Trinetra-MSFT Thanks for the reply. Can BotFramework V4 SDK access Teams channels? On searching, it looks like SDK extension for Teams is in beta. Should it be used then? If so, what is the ETA for its release?


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@NKM122205 Yes, BotFramework V4 SDK is in beta phase, Sorry we don't have ETA to share with you.