New Teams Personal Tab On Desktop Client App only works on first load

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Like many recent posts my personal tab app is experiencing problems with connectivity.

This is prevalent on both Windows and Mac desktop clients.


New Teams Versions - (23285.3809.2525.961)

Client Version: (50/23101227712)


Personal Tab works as expected on the web client of new teams, Client Version (1415/23101227712) 



The personal tab app works as expected after a hard close of the new teams client but after navigating away to another tab and then coming back, the client refuses to connect to the server of my personal tab which leaves it in a dead state.

The native functions of Microsoft teams seem to be working as expected so it doesn't seem to be a problem with internet. 



The personal tab app works as expected when switched back to the classic teams version.

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Would it be possible to share the app manifest of your personal tab app with us?

@Meghana-MSFT sure thing:

  "$schema": "",
  "manifestVersion": "1.12",
  "version": "0.3.4",
  "id": "0f945942-48f2-4efb-8c0a-322d847ec02b",
  "developer": {
    "name": "Foxo Technology Pty Ltd",
    "websiteUrl": "",
    "privacyUrl": "",
    "termsOfUseUrl": ""
  "icons": {
    "color": "foxo-192.png",
    "outline": "foxo-32.png"
  "name": {
    "short": "Foxo (Staging)",
    "full": "Foxo (Staging)"
  "description": {
    "short": "Connect your people, patients, and referrers with secure clinical collaboration.",
    "full": "Foxo: Enabling Borderless Clinical Collaboration Direct from your Microsoft Teams\nFoxo expands the capabilities of your MS Teams environment to meet the unique needs of healthcare.\nWith Foxo's Microsoft Teams app, clinical workflows are transformed into seamless and efficient processes. From the one interface, you can now streamline and unify your organisation, referrers, patients, and partners.\nKey Features:\n1. Clinically Driven Workflows: Foxo's app integrates clinically driven workflows directly into MS Teams, providing you with a tailored and intuitive experience. From patient management and documentation to order placement and treatment planning, Foxo ensures that all your clinical tasks are seamlessly integrated into your existing MS Teams workflow.\n2. Clinical Efficiencies: Say goodbye to time-consuming administrative tasks and embrace enhanced clinical efficiencies. Foxo's app automates repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork. Spend less time switching between applications and more time delivering exceptional care to your patients.\nWhy Foxo's Microsoft Teams App\nCollaborate with Referrers and Patients\nCommunication with external referrers and engagement with patients has never been easier. Foxo's app seamlessly embeds external referrers (specialists or consultants) directly within the MS Teams environment. You can easily communicate, handover, collaborate, and securely share patient information, all while maintaining data privacy and security.\nAdditionally, Foxo empowers you to invite patients into the Teams environment, ensuring smooth communication and patient experience.\nCreated by Doctors for Doctors\nFoxo understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals. The platform has been designed by doctors who have experienced firsthand the complexities of clinical workflows. We've forged our expertise and insights into the bespoke workflows and tools, ensuring it meets your needs and improves your daily practice.\nSeamless Integration\nFoxo's app seamlessly integrates with your existing MS Teams infrastructure, eliminating the need for complex deployment, configuration, and onboarding. Simply install the app, and you're ready to transform your Teams experience.\nEnhanced Collaboration and Security\nFoxo prioritises collaboration and security. With the platform, you can confidently collaborate with colleagues, specialists, and patients, knowing that data privacy and security are paramount. Foxo adheres to industry-standard security practices, keeping your sensitive information safe and secure.\nEmbrace the power Foxo and unlock the true potential of Microsoft Teams."
  "accentColor": "#FFFFFF",
  "staticTabs": [
      "entityId": "foxo",
      "name": "Foxo",
      "contentUrl": "",
      "websiteUrl": "",
      "scopes": ["personal"]
      "entityId": "conversations",
      "scopes": ["personal"]
  "bots": [
      "botId": "83e80a44-400c-48c9-b3ea-e0c094214dc4",
      "scopes": ["personal"],
      "isNotificationOnly": false,
      "supportsFiles": false
  "showLoadingIndicator": false,
  "configurableProperties": [
  "permissions": ["identity", "messageTeamMembers"],
  "devicePermissions": ["media"],
  "validDomains": [""],
  "webApplicationInfo": {
    "id": "7d57e561-3225-43dc-bc2e-e8551f6f84e0",
    "resource": "api://"
Your app needs admin consent hence I tried with my own personal tab. It is working fine after navigations. Could you please share video and logs of this issue at

Your app needs admin consent hence I tried with my own personal tab. It is working fine after navigations. Could you please share video and logs of this issue at

You mentioned this in your question. Could you please redirect us to those posts so that we have more information to check this issue.

Like many recent posts my personal tab app is experiencing problems with connectivity.


@Meghana-MSFT Hey Meghan, spent some time debugging my issue this week and it came down to how the new ms teams handles Shared Workers compared to previously. 


My assumption to what was happening is on initial load after hard close of ms teams it instantiates the first instance of the Shared Worker so every works fine and connects as expected, however when leaving the tab I assume ms teams doesn't kill the shared worker and leaves it in an 'unconnectable' state so when i return to the tab and try to reconnect to the worker with its associated name it just fails. 


This also explains why it was working inside the browser version of new ms-teams.

I've implemented a temporary fix which will just spin up a new Shared Worker if it fails to connect to the already exisiting one but this was never an issue in the classic ms teams. Switching to using inline instead of a worker also fixes the issue fyi.