new team: member or guest

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A salute from a Corona-based area from the Netherlands to you.


I am currently working at a school, where I make use of Teams. All my team-members are based in my Office 365 and my groups run fine.

What if I want to create an external team? Does it only work to invite someone as a guest then?

And what info do I have to provide to make sure that I will have video-contact (phonenumber/emailaddress)?

Thanks for info in advance.



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@Jupialto - Anybody you want to invite in your team and they are not in your tenant - works only as guest invite. When you invite someone as guest, their mail id is default stored against their name. You should be able to find their mail id in your "Members and Guests" list on "Manage Team" screen.



Thanks for your reply so far.


Does it mean the guests have the same rights & possibilities as teammembers?

No, guests will not have the same rights as members.