New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation cmdlet is stuck

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Hello! We are working with the new cmdlet to assign users to specific policies. Unfortunately it seems like the process is stuck. I guess because a couple of users were not ready to be assigned. I dunno.


XXX TeamsMeetingPolicy Videoconfonly   InProgress    xxx 04.05.2020 06:32:03
XXX TeamsMessagingPolicy Videoconfonly InProgress    xxx 04.05.2020 06:32:04
XXX TeamsAppSetupPolicy Videoconfonly  NotStarted    xxx 04.05.2020 06:32:05
XXX TeamsAppPermissionPolicy BlockAll  InProgress    xxx 04.05.2020 06:32:06
XXX TeamsCallingPolicy DisallowCalling NotStarted    xxx 04.05.2020 06:32:07


Is there any way to stop this operation?

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Any input would be very much appreciated.

Same thing is happening to us. We have one stuck on InProgress and two that are NotStarted. It has been days. Last time the command worked was 5/4. It would be nice if a Microsoft representative would give some insight or help suggestions. @Thomsch 

@Robert_Bledsoe yeah that would be good!

Anyone that could help out here?

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@Robert_Bledsoe  actually I got an answer from Microsoft.



We are aware of the current behavior of the cmdlet and we are working on it.
The cmdlet is still in Preview but we are already working on it.
Please wait a while and it will resolve itself and the status of this patch will change.

We are currently working on everything to make the team experience more efficient for all users


@ThomschBeautiful, that's all I wanted; a short sweet answer from someone in the know. Far too often it's just crickets chirping. 

Any updates on this problem? I have a few jobs that are hangin on "not started" for days now.

Use the new "New-CsGroupPolicyAssignment" You can assign policy's by group and you only have to run it once and users going into the group will get the policy. It is way better and I have not needed to run the other command since. Set it and forget it. @digiweten