NestJS Project Deployment in Microsoft Teams: How to configure local environment?

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I have to modify a project that is a development for Teams and I have the following doubts:

I started reading documentation and did my Hello world etc, but I'm a bit confused where to start setting up the project I have to modify, so I can run it in local environments.
My Hello World :)




I understand that you have to configure a new app in Developer Portal and modify the manifest file to point to the local Host, just like Teams Toolkit does automatically and ID etc. and this is where I can't find how to associate these new values to my project, just like in the Hello Word, Visual Studio Code already gives me the option of Startd Debugging Teams App and this my associated Developer account.

Manifest of my Hello Word :)




I hope that someone can guide me a little bit.

As a side note I can run the project, but obviously when I enter the localhost it tells me the following: This application only works within Teams, please use the Teams app or Teams web version.



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Hello @jjosee96 - Thanks for raising your query.
Could you please let us know how you have created the NestJS Project?

Also, as per error you are not running your application in Teams client.
You need to upload the manifest to Teams via updating the validDomains with proper tunneling URL:

Also, you can refer this sample:

Hello @jjosee96,
Refer to the documentation provided for configuration and deployment of Apps, and also you can refer to below link to better understand the prerequisites for creating you teams app.

Prerequisites for creating your Teams app using Visual Studio Code - Teams | Microsoft Learn


I didn't create it, I was only provided with the source code, it's my first time developing or modifying a Teams App.


This is the structure of my project:




Note: I appreciate your response, I will check it out.

Hello @jjosee96 - Please go through the shared documentation.
Also, we are mainly responsible for Teams app development related blockers/issues, but your query is more related to environment configuration which we are not able to repro.