Need an idea to create an integration app in microsoft teams.

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Hai all,
    I am newbie to teams and I have tried to create a third party integration app in teams. The requirements are,
1. Need to send notification to teams.[ i read about incoming WebHooks for that ] 

2.  Create a configuration page to configure with third party services. [ I refer this doc (

3. In configuration page, the user need to enter the third party credentials and after clicking save, i need to validate the credentials. If the credentials are correct, then i need to create an incoming WebHook URL and send it back to the third party service.

4. The incoming WebHook URL that created in configuration page used to send notification to any teams and channels?

5. Can i send notification to the specific users if the app installed for a specific team or channel?


Sorry. I didn't know about integration in teams a lot. That's why so many queries i asked. Hope you all can understand my questions and requirements. Kindly give your suggestions.

Thanks in advance..

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You can achieve (almost) this using either Incoming Webhooks ( or with Office 365 Connectors ( With this you can send a card to a Teams Channel.

However, you can't send a notification to specific users with this. If that's a hard requirement then you need to implement a bot that sends proactive messages:

@Wictor Wilen Hai Really thanks for your reply. I will see the possibility to achieve this.