navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia for screen sharing not work in MS Teams Desktop

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Hi all, with my team we have developed an MS-Teams app which will need to be published on the store office. The app is developed in the form of Tabs and refers to our company portal, through which it is possible to make video calls and screen sharing between users connected to the call. The problem lies in the fact that within the MS Teams product, in the desktop version, it is not possible to access the navigator.user-agent to set up screen sharing as it happens from a normal video call made from a browser. Have you ever encountered such a problem? Does anyone have any solution to the problem? Is it necessary to configure microsoft graph? How is possible to replicate the screen sharing functionality in an app inside MS-Teams ?
Thanks in advance

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@fdepedis - Currently teams tab supports only Camera, Microphone, Location, Notification. This is by design. Please check this docs for more info.

@Nikitha-MSFT Hello, 

I'm encountering the same problem. Unfortunately, the link of the docs that you provided is broken. Could you please update it?



@geraudwilling Currently teams does not support for screen recording via the getDisplayMedia API. Could you please check this docs

Any update on this ask. We would like to capture user's desktop and currently its not possible in Microsoft Teams.
@Nikitha-MSFT - are there plans to add support for getDisplayMedia() in Teams tab? If not - where should we file a request to add it? It is a critical missing piece for such apps as video messaging from teams