Music on Transfer or Dial tone on transfer, anything except dead silence (also for direct routing)

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Hi, currently, when you transfert (or consult then transfer) the customer does not hear anything until the transfer party picks up. we have had many complaints fro our customers clients that they think the line is dead and hang up...


We tried on MS calling plan and Direct routing customers. I posted it on user voice but was interested in how other partners cope with this, maybe a workaround?

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Hi @ezJurgen

Multiple uservoices open for this including


Would recommend to vote on them to push them up the agenda. When voting, you will be informed if Microsoft picks them up. I have voted on both as it's functionalities that I would like to see. Music on hold is a good start but doesn't cover all the scenarios

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


yes the first uservoice is actually mine :)


Just wanted to hear if anyone had a workaround, maybe using the SBC to capture the SIP code for transferring and giving the caller a tone. stuff like that :)

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Had a look into this. It's possible on the Oracle SBC. See here: page 68

During a call transfer, the calling party does not hear a ring back tone during the process of transfer. We utilize the local playback feature of the SBC to play ring back tone during transfers. The ringback tone is triggered on receiving SIP REFER. You must upload a media playback file to /code/media on the SBC. This file must be in raw media binary format. This ringback trigger and ringback file to be played are configured on the realm facing the trunk

This may apply to other SBC's. I would review the documentation for each SBC to see if it follows this method or utilises another.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Nice Info, Thanks!
I forwarded it to the SBC guys (COLT/Audiocodes)
I will update this ticket when the SBC guys reply to me.

I have the same issue as mentioned before. No Music on hold when transferring a call.

CAll'ers are hooking off, because they think the line is cut.