MS Teams version 1.4 changes?

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We have been seeing some behavior updates to out Bot, ever since our Teams version got upgraded to 1.4.


When users interact with our Bot via our Adaptive Card's Action.Submit, our code sends the Typing ActivityType, which would end up getting displayed to the user as "Bot is typing a message".  Now, we see an Icon of the Bot with dots, like the following



We also see that when any Action.Submit is clicked, a Success message now appears as well.



Are these the expected changes to MS Teams?  We have not made any changes to our web app code.  If these are expected changes, where can we find details of the release notes and change notes?  I tried to look at and was not able to find any information.


We were also notified that some users are even getting the following in their interactions with the Bot, which did not happen prior to the update.




Has anyone encountered this?

Thank You


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We have also tested our Bot via MS Teams on Microsoft Edge. The Web version is not showing the report behavior.

@voonsionglum Im seeing same behavior. Specifically for Bot installed as Teams App. "There was a problem reaching this app" takes up half chat window but bot itself works without issue. Have you made any progress to finding cause?

Hi @voonsionglum,
We are looking into this and will get back to you

Nope, nothing yet. I did get a reply from Microsoft, saying they are looking into it

Hi @voonsionglum,
Can you share the Teams version for which you are facing "There was a problem reaching this app" issue
It's (64-bit)
Hi @voonsionglum.
An incident has been raised for this and concerned team is looking into it.

We've experienced this as well, which was really disruptive to our customers and reflected poorly on the user experiences in MS Teams. We're monitoring this ticket closely for updates.

@Prithvi-MSFT Would you have any updates on this issue? Where would be the appropriate place to monitor for updates?

@Prithvi-MSFT Although this is a new feature released for Adaptive Cards, it seems to be in general happening for other Card types like Thumbnail/Hero ('messageBack' action) in a bot integrated with Teams. Please suggest if there is a way to disable this. 

In general do you have any other updates on this issue. I would like to monitor the progress on this ticket.