MS Teams Tasks Link to MS Project Tasks - Any way that these can be linked/exported/added

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MS teams is great to add tasks, create groups and projects and the like.


What is the likelihood that you can integrate MS Project tasks with MS teams tasks in the future?


I know I can save the MS Project File into a Folder in MS Teams but to link the MS Team Tasks and MS Project Tasks would be brilliant!


Has anyone else asked for this or in favour of this?

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@CDMartindale Could you please tell us what you are trying to achieve? We have few teams app like Microsoft Planner and others too are in development for maintaining Microsoft Projects inside Microsoft Teams.

Hi @Trinetra-MSFT,


Thats exactly what im chasing, if i have a MS Project document. I would likle to be able to "publish" certain tasks in MS teams to people as they come up.


Will the Microsoft Planner be able to link tasks in MS Project to tasks in MS teams - i.e. If you compete a linked task in teams - it will complete that task in MS Project?

@CDMartindale As of  now there are no other apps or tools available in teams but You can use Microsoft planner for maintaining tasks and your projects. Please have a look at Manage Task in Planner and Planner in Microsoft Teams.

@CDMartindale Hi am trying to do the same, have you find any solution to this? 

Thank you:) 

@Trinetra-MSFT is this goal reached , cause I am trying to do the same ....



Hi folks,  Here is a bit more detail on how I would like the system to work.  As a program manager, I have two schedule responsibilities: 1) provide status and future plans to administrative machinery and management via an MS Project IMS.  This has to be maintained in a strict format in order for automated processes to function effectively.  This format is rigid and is not suitable for other uses;  2) oversee and control the execution of the plan that the IMS represents.  This involves interaction with many team members, few of whom have access to MS Project or have the understanding of the program that would make this an effective communication tool.  There is a frequent need to add minor tasks that are not suitable for inclusion in the IMS (which is baselined and controlled) to make sure they are getting done.  The problem is how to serve both needs.


I am currently working from the IMS to do status updates.  This has the distinct advantage of having all the information in one file.  Otherwise it is difficult to keep two separate schedules/ plans in sync.  I have tried exporting IMS activities into excel for distribution to the team and updating status and it drives a lot of extra clerical work to make sure they are in sync.  Nevertheless, I have to do a lot of formatting work to make the administrative Project file format even semi-digestible for my team and then have to change it back again to allow monthly submissions.


The teams task interface seems like it could be a good format for team communications and statusing.  I am looking for tools to help with the synchronization problem.  Is there anything that would allow the buildup of a draft Project file starting from a list of teams tasks?  Is there an export function which would allow the creation of a Teams Task file starting from a project file?  Is there anything which would update a project file based on updates to a teams task file (assuming the tasks listed were the same)?  Is there anything which would allow the recording and display of predecessor-successor relationships in the Teams Task files?





@Trinetra-MSFT In Teams i can open the "Tasks" tab and there I can find all my assigned tasks from outlook and from different plans. I'm just looking into using "Project" instead of plans for the better overview of all different teams I manage. However, I can not find a way of having the tasks that has been assigned in Project to show up in the Tasks/Todo list in outlook or in teams. The tab currently only show "tasks from planner or to do's" and having the Project assignments to show up here the same way they do from Planner would be really helpful in overall management and personal planning!

@Trinetra-MSFT, @ I'm reengaging in the MS Project world after a long break. The problem with Planner seems to be that it is not full featured enough to replace Project. Has there been any progress since 2019 on developing any sort of task integration between MS Project (online or client) and MS Teams/Task or To-Do?