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I am trying to create a teams tab that would allow me compile the names of attendants at the meeting and the time they joined the meeting. Please kindly provide a suggestion on how to achieve this.

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You can use the graph API to get the attendance report for an online meeting using below API where you get the names of attendants in the meeting and the time, they joined the meeting in the result

To get an attendance report by ID with delegated (/me) and app (/users/{userId}) permission:

GET /me/onlineMeetings/{meetingId}/attendanceReports/{reportId}
GET /users/{userId}/onlineMeetings/{meetingId}/attendanceReports/{reportId}

The following example shows how to get the attendance report for an online meeting with delegated permission.



HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "@odata.context": "$metadata#users('16664f75-11dc-4870-bec6-38c1aaa81431')/onlineMeetings('MSpkYzE3Njc0Yy04MWQ5LTRhZGItYmZ')/attendanceReports('c9b6db1c-d5eb-427d-a5c0-20088d9b22d7')",
  "id": "c9b6db1c-d5eb-427d-a5c0-20088d9b22d7",
  "totalParticipantCount": 1,
  "meetingStartDateTime": "2021-10-05T04:38:23.945Z",
  "meetingEndDateTime": "2021-10-05T04:43:49.77Z",
  "attendanceRecords": [
      "emailAddress": "",
      "totalAttendanceInSeconds": 1152,
      "role": "Presenter",
      "identity": {
        "id": "dc17674c-81d9-4adb-bfb2-8f6a442e4623",
        "displayName": "Frederick Cormier",
        "tenantId": null
      "attendanceIntervals": [
          "joinDateTime": "2021-03-16T18:59:52.2782182Z",
          "leaveDateTime": "2021-03-16T19:06:47.7218491Z",
          "durationInSeconds": 415
          "joinDateTime": "2021-03-16T19:09:23.9834702Z",
          "leaveDateTime": "2021-03-16T19:16:31.1381195Z",
          "durationInSeconds": 427
          "joinDateTime": "2021-03-16T19:20:27.7094382Z",
          "leaveDateTime": "2021-03-16T19:25:37.7121956Z",
          "durationInSeconds": 310

Ref Doc: Get meetingAttendanceReport - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn




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