MS Teams Side Panel App- How to get attendee details?

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We are developing a Microsoft Teams app which can be added during a teams meeting. For it to work, we need to get the details of attendees of the current meeting. Tried many ways including graph API but couldn't get the proper meeting ID.


The meeting ID present in getContext() when used in{meetingid} returns 

"Meeting Id is corrupted." error.
We also tried with the solution mentioned in but we do not want to use chats API as it requires read access to user chats.
After analyzing we have realized that the proper meeting ID is actually an encoded value.

Below is an example of that:














Here first is my azure id and second is the meeting chat ID.

Is there a better way to get proper meeting ID other than above mentioned ways?

@Prasad_Das-MSFT it will be great if you can help on this.

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I went through the link you mentioned.


We are adding the app for scheduled meetings and need to fetch the meeting id after we have added the app.


For user level notifications, I need more clarity on the listening aspect of the notifications.


We cannot use bot framework in our application and cannot implement the tenant level notifications as well, FYI.

Hello @Vaibhavi2495,
It is the only alternative way to obtain meetingID for a meeting.