MS Teams room system application updates to allow 9 on screen

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We have a number of Creston Flex systems that have been configured as Teams rooms however these still show the 4 participents on screen during calls and not the 9.


Can anyone confim when the Teams application for these types of room systems will be updated or has this already been updated? We would like to have this on our room systems so I would like to know if this has been released and if not is there any ETA on this?


We have running on these Creston flex rooms systems but do not see 9 on screen still 4. Has the update to 9 been release for these types of rooms systems?

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Hi, thanks for the question. We are working on an updated front-of-room experience right now that will enable more desktop experiences to show on Teams Rooms, including the 3x3 gallery, among other great features. This stage and gallery is in our internal testing now, and will be pushed out to all Teams Rooms devices over the next few months.