MS Teams not showing integrated app (Slido) to meeting participants.

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Hi there. In the last weeks we encountered a few issues when our customers created an MS Teams meeting, integrated Slido app with the meeting and then created some interactions.


However some participants experienced that they didn't see the Slido button right away after entering the meeting, they had to leave the meeting and join again for the Slido icon to appear. Since once Slido is integrated to a meeting then this is controlled by MS Teams I want to ask if you encountered any issues with this functionality (of showing embedded apps that are associated with given meeiting to participants)

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@jharinek - Thanks for reaching out us. We are the developer support team for Microsoft teams focused on helping developers resolve their issues. According to your description, your issue is more related to Teams product, which we do not support. For issues related to teams product, please reach out to the product support channels for Microsoft Teams.

@Sridevi-MSFT thanks for forwarding this to the right place. I reposted on the community forum.