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I am currently creating a survey app for ms teams similar to monkey
The flow would be
User installs app=>
app appears as messaging extension on the chat window=>
user clicks app to opens page to create survey=>
on submit an adaptive card is generated=>
the same is responded back to teams =>
The new card appears on the message create pane=>
User hits enter to post the survey to the group=>
All the group members respond to the survey =>
The same is logged

Can anyone help me in providing some links from where I can start.
Or maybe throw some light on what should be my approach.

My progress so far.
Created a teams bot=>
On messaging extension invoke returned url that contains HTML for survey creation which is created in vue.js. Used msteams js to submit the json for created survey back to the bot=>
Generated an adaptive card with json received and the a new survey created in db.=>
Sent the card back to teams as message attachment.=>
The card is displayed in message create pane.=>
User hits enter to post the card in the group.=>
Caught the action.submit event from adaptive card on bot framework.

Also, please note while I am generating the card I don’t have user email in the turncontext as well.

Please throw some light on this

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