MS Teams Incoming Webhook Error 408 when calling from ADF

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Hi all, 


We are are recieving a 408 error when calling MS Team Webhook from ADF. 

This has been working without issue until yesterday, some slowness was noticed with response times. Today however it has become slow enough to fail completely. It appears as though the requests are being queued and getting a response after 20 mins, this would normally take <60 seconds.


There is a 60 second limit on the response time. 


Any ideas? 





Operation on target Call Teams Webhook failed: Error calling the endpoint 'some domain url'. Response status code: 'ClientSideException HttpStatusCode : 408, HttpStatusString: RequestTimeout'. More details: Exception message: 'NA - Unknown [ClientSideException] A task was canceled.'. Request didn't reach the server from the client. This could happen because of an underlying issue such as network connectivity, a DNS failure, a server certificate validation or a timeout. Url endpoint request timed out. Please make sure the endpoint response is within 1 minute and retry.




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Could you please let us know if you are facing this issue while using Postman as well? We are able to send messages using incoming webhook. Can you share your JSON with us. Issue regarding incoming webhook has been reported here as well -
There is an ongoing issue in Exchange Connectors. An incident has been raised related to this error - Web Hooks erroring randomly, unauthorized, the public key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX = is not found for ring WW, cannot validate signature"}.

The issue has been mitigated, could you please confirm if it is working fine now.

@Meghana-MSFT yes this started working again after the issue was mitigated