MS Teams dialling out?

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Is it possible for the MS Teams client to join meetings on other video conferencing platforms, like Pexip?

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Hi @Pillum,

Yes, Microsoft Teams works with Pexip, see here

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris


In Pexip writes:
"Note that Microsoft Teams is inherently a dial-in service i.e. you can only dial from a third-party video system into Teams. You cannot dial out from Teams to a SIP, H.323 device etc — instead, you have to send the relevant joining instructions/invitation to the user of that device."


Do you know if and when it will be possible for Teams to participate in a Pexip-meeting?
We are using the Pexip platform to connect Cisco and Microsoft.


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Hi @Pillum,

I don't know - and have no information to suggest if and when it will be available in the future. As you say - from the documentation it states that you use Microsoft Teams with Pexip Infinity and then users of other third party video platforms (I.e. Cisco, Blue Jeans) can connect. Obviously, it would be great if it could have this functionality one day.

I would recommend this is a question for the next Teams AMA - I will make a note of it and raise it there. I would also recommend you keep an eye out for it and raise it too. The service was introduced fairly recently so it absolutely could evolve into dial out at a later date.

Hope that clarifies.

Best, Chris
Hi, regarding dialing out from Teams, this is not possible today. I would suggest adding it to the uservoice roadmap request.