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I followed the series of @Tom Morgan  ( to create an IVR Bot. When I upload the app to MS Teams and install it, I cannot call the bot. It appears that it does not support Calls, but I did check the box for SupportingCalls and the same thing was done in the Manifest of the app. 

Meanwhile, I did another sample with random AppId (it is not registered) following Microsoft official HelloWorld sample. When I switch between tabs, call/video/share screen signs appear. You can see it in the picture. 


Can someone help, please? Thanks


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@Mohamed Sahbi - Could you please share your App Manifest?

@Wajeed-MSFT  Here it is : 

"$schema": "",
"manifestVersion": "devPreview",
"version": "1.0.0",
"id": "21bfd457-f116-4c9b-ad80-2fb9fcf5cd39",
"packageName": "",
"developer": {
"name": "Mohamed",
"websiteUrl": "",
"privacyUrl": "",
"termsOfUseUrl": ""
"icons": {
"color": "color.png",
"outline": "outline.png"
"name": {
"short": "Sample IVR ",
"full": "Sample IVR App"
"description": {
"short": "Demo app",
"full": "This bot is just made for demo purposes"
"accentColor": "#2E7AA2",
"bots": [
"botId": "21bfd457-f116-4c9b-ad80-2fb9fcf5cd39",
"scopes": [
"supportsFiles": false,
"isNotificationOnly": false,
"supportsCalling": true,
"supportsVideo": false
"permissions": [
"validDomains": []

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