ms teams app not listed in publish to org page

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The app is approved and published to org. But in this page it's not visible.


You can see the bot is approved.


There is no user level policy restriction or anything. There is only one user and its admin.


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@Garrykevin - Thanks for reporting your issue.
We will check this at our end and will get back to you.

@Garrykevin -Have you done below steps:-

  1. Sign in to the Teams admin center and access Teams apps > Manage apps.

  2. Select Org-wide app settings.

  3. Under Custom apps, turn on or turn off Allow interaction with custom apps.

    After you allow the use of a custom app, your end-users can find it by selecting 
    Built for your org in the left navigation of Teams store.


    Reference document-Manage custom and sideloaded app policies and settings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

@Garrykevin - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with with provided suggestions or still looking for any help? Thanks!
Sorry for the late reply. interaction with custom apps is turned on for my account.
But still apps are not listed

@garry675 -We are not able to repro the issue, could you please share the manifest Json, so that we can try it from our end?
Could you please try to upload the manifest using Admin Center and check it once if app is listed or not?

@Sayali-MSFT I was able to access the app by creating similar manifest as my friends. But the built for org page seems to broken.


Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 1.45.20 AM.png

The page was working for sometime after creating the app. And it doesn't work now.



However using the same manifest helps to make the bot to atleast work


manifest.json :

@Sayali-MSFT I was able to make the bot work by trying to create the same manifest, as my teammates working bot. But the built for org pages seems to be broken.


The page was working sometime after app creation and doesn't work now.

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 1.45.20 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 10.51.53 PM.png


manifest that works.

@garry675 -We are also checking the same manifest but it is showing app in org. with Admin portal and also check with non-admin user it is showing both places.
Teams version-Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)