MS Graph API: set presence "Away" not working if MS Teams Client running

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Hello everybody,


we use the MS Graph API to sync presence stati of 3rd party app with MS Teams status. We now run into the problem that we can not set the MS Teams Status of a user to "Away" during the MS Teams Client of that user is running. If we close the MS Teams Client we can set the status of the user to "Away".


Any ideas how to set the status to "Away" even if the user is logged in at MS Teams?







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@relkniw - Could you please share more details and repro steps of this issue.


We are developing an Windows Service in c# and use the c# Graph SDK.

We are setting the presence of Teams user like described here in the c# example:

If a user is logged in to MS Teams with his MS Teams client, and status is "Available", status can not be set to "Away". He stays "Available".
If the user is not logged in to MS Teams ans his status is "Offline", his status can be set to "Away".







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@relkniw - According to the precedence order mentioned in presence sessions, Available has more precedence than Away. So you cannot override this precedence order with app configuration. However you can override any presence session directly through UI. 





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