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Hi all, 


I am a newbie to teams but have a good sense of what I can accomplish with the application. We will be rolling it out in my workplace in the next few months as well as Office 365 at that time. It will on the company network thereafter. 


I would like to create and account and start developing content to be ready for the roll-out. If I create my own account and a bunch of content, can I move it in some way via export to a file or merge teams? My concern would also be around the content living initially in my own account not on the company network, then needing to move it onto the new Team ON the company network.


Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?


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Yes, you can export your app package and load into a different team. Apps are not inherently tied to a particular tenant. See this section of the docs for more information:


A good example of this is our sample apps; they can be loaded into any tenant.


Let me know if you have any further questions,


Awesome, thanks so much!