More Robust Integration of Planner in Teams

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Hey guys!


Is there a roadmap or info on future plans for integrating Planner into teams?

One of the things we use Teams for is to run a news desk for our website. We have a team set-up with all of our writers and have a task tab added to assign out articles. The current set-up for it works, but there's a few things we'd like to see improved upon.

It would be great if instead of posting a just a link to the task in one of the channels, when we share the task, the whole card would show in the channel so our writers could see the details and claim the article right there instead of having to go to the assignments tab. This is particularly annoying on the mobile app where it redirects people to the Planner app when they click the link in the chat, I've had a few guests tell me they keep getting errors in Planner when they connect on their phone.

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@VogonPoetrySlam you could build that pretty much as you describe with Power Automate, using an adaptive card to collect who the task should be assigned to.

@Steven Collier Really? I'll have to look into that, would it work the same if it's not assigned to anyone? Sometimes we'll post topics that we want someone to write about, but are looking for a volunteer for it instead of picking a specific person.