Missing LED-HIDs (apart from ring HID)

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I'm developing a USB HID device that interfaces with Teams.

I get ring-HID for Incoming Teams call, but when I accept I don't get the hook-off HID, nor any other HID from the same usage-page, like mute or hold.

Gotten the basic logs from the Teams app, but they don't reveal much.

Has anyone encountered something similar or might know the reason for this?


The device's HID report descriptor usage page looks like this: 


    Usage Page (LEDs)05 08 
    Logical Minimum (0)15 00 
    Logical Maximum (1)25 01 
    Usage (Off-Hook)09 17 
    Usage (Mute)09 09 
    Usage (Ring)09 18 
    Usage (Hold)09 20 
    Usage (Microphone)09 21 
    Report Size (1)75 01 
    Report Count (5)95 05 
    Output (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,NPrf,NNul,NVol,Bit)91 22 



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I have exactly the same issue. I'm wondering if the device need to be certified to enable this feature in Teams. As stated here:


> Certified devices work out of the box (plug & play) with no additional configuration required, and offer call control with Skype for Business and Lync clients.


But it's talking about Lync and Skype Business, not teams.


That would be good to have a confirmation on this point.

Hi @okarin2,
I have the same problem with my own HID device, do you solved this problem already?