Microsoft Teams Shifts Distribution List

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We have an oncall rotation and keep track of it using Microsoft Teams Shift.


I am trying to create a powershell script to update a distribution list so that whoever is on call gets notified if there is an issue.


My logic is a scheduled task that runs once a day to get who is scheduled for a shift (on call) and then updates a office 365 distribution list.  That way if there is an issue, only the people that are oncall get the email notification.


Updating the distro is really easy, but I am struggling getting the shift info from teams.


Using Get-MgTeamScheduleShift to list the shifts, but its not black and white - looks like the userID I have to get from Get-MgUser - I am not sure how to get the actual shift data though.


Please help!

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@John Dole-We are looking into this we will get back to you soon.

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