Microsoft Teams SDK getAuthToken for multi-tenant AAD application ('common' endpoint)

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I have done the SSO Authentication as documented here, it works great. But now, I have changed my AAD Application to be Multi-tenant as explained here. It is mentioned to update the code to send requests to /common endpoint.

The call to microsoftTeams.authentication.getAuthToken() however goes to /{tenentid} endpoint. 

How can I change it to go to /common? What am I missing here?

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Could you please try to change tenantid to common in appsettings file and check again?

Hi Nivedipa,
Thanks for the reply. I am working in nodeJS and getAuthToken method is not passed any tenentid or common. Could you please guide me for nodeJS?



Yes, I have implemented it the same way, but the getAuthToken call goes to tenant endpoint not 'common'


Could you please elaborate more on this?

@techie2021 - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?