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  Has anybody successfully able to run the microsoft-teams-sample-auth-node sample locally? I'm facing a weird issue. I have followed the setup steps and can interact with the bot via both WebChat as well as Emulator. But it doesn't seem to work via a Teams Channel. Sending the message directly by id or launching Teams Channel via Bot Dashboard as per steps here doesn't seem to work. While the chat is launched with the Bot alright, as soon as first message is sent, conversation with the bot changes to "just me" as per below screenshot:




And the message does not reach the bot.  What might cause this to happen and what should be done to get it resolved?


Thanks in advance and regards

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Following up on this. Any ideas regarding this weird behavior?


Thanks in advance and regards

@NKM122205 Hi - Are you uploading your bot as an app using an the app package included in the sample? Authentication won't work if you're talking to the bot directly by GUID.

@andrewclear Thank you. That was it! BTW is there documentation on the bot functions such as OnSignInStateVerification and others that have been overridden?