Microsoft Teams Integration with external web application for B2B customers -Question on Connection

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I am all new to this MS discussions, and with MS Teams Integration. And below is a long format question, as I attempt to explain the question in detail.


We have an enterprise B2B web application built using MEAN stack.

Currently, we are building a POC to integrate our web app with our B2B customers MS Teams app.

We already have a iPaaS platform onboarded (think as examples), which enables to integrate with multiple B2B connectors in our customer org. And we are using this platform to build flows which perform certain use cases in our customers MS Teams app. And this ipaas platform will be hooked into our web application eventually, which executes actions/use cases in MS Teams on bhealf of our web app.


Below are the use cases & key questions on the same,


Integration Use Cases,

Key goal wrt connecting to MS Teams integration using iPaaS platform in our web app is that once MS Teams integration enabled/active for a given customer. It should be seamless that none of the users who log into our web app should require to aagain login/consent to MS Teams

  1. when something happens in our product, create a MS Teams Team/Channel in our customers Teams APP

  2. when something happens in our product, invite users to above created MS Teams Team/Channel in our customers Teams APP

  3. when something happens in our product, send adaptive card to Teams channel with 2 button actions like Yes/No, and should be able to track responses who clicked these buttons in Teams APP to show them in our products dashboard.


  1. Key Q is about connection type:

    1. We have 2 connection flows - OAUTH 2.0 Authorization Code & OAUTH 2.0 Client Credentials. And with the above goal with MS Teams connection, we are not sure which one to proceed with.

  2. with above 3rd use case, for our web app to send adaptive card with 2-buttons into our cusrtomers Teams APP via iPaaS flow, we prefer the sender to be the name of our product (e.g. 'iluminrbot'). But, I dont think its possible with above setup/approach. As i believe, this preference means to have native app in MS Team marketplace. Is my understanding valid ? If so, keen to hear out any alternatives to achieve the above use case

  3. an alternate to this 3rd use case, instead of adaptive card, our web app can also send just plain text message to the individual (DM/Chat ?) in their MS Teams. And we want to capture responses to this sent message back in our web app.


I really appreciate in advance for your inputs/responses/expertise.

Thanks !



Praneeth G.

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