Microsoft Teams Card - Table Formatting support

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I am looking to export out our Automation Test Results as a Team card using a webhook connector to a channel to be viewed by everyone. I have implemented a solution using Adaptive cards but I am facing a problem with the view of it as it does not stretch to the full length of the page, instead it is only as it says a card. I have also tried leveraging the MessageCard type but this does not have an easy way to set up a table like format besides using the Facts. Do you have a recommendation for a Card Type to use or would you possibly have a feature coming out to support Table Formatting?

I am most likely looking into completely restructuring the way we display our Test results but I thought I would give it a shot to see how much we could maintain it. Thank you in advance!


I have attached an example using the AdaptiveCard flow.

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@poss-dan The size of Adaptive Cards in the Teams client is determined by the Teams client itself based on the current viewing area width - you cannot directly influence this value.



Thank you for the quick response!


That was my assumption as well. Alright, would you recommend using the Message Card then? If so, would you know of a way to provide a tabular format in it?